Our Services

Our Services


We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers and technical professionals as our installation work forcebased at each of our branch offices. Each team is equipped with skills and state-of-the-art tools and testing equipment for achieving the highest standards of performance that meet codes and specifications of customer’s safety, and ride satisfaction.


The maintenance team at each branch comprises of well-trained and experienced technicians who performtrouble shooting services and adjustments to ensure a smooth ride. By the very nature of their work, these teams are mobile, equipped with service vehicles to respond immediately to customer calls and to be able to deal with themost serious situations, thus maintaining excellent customer relations.

The motto of IECO Service is that we are always available. The industry’s most highly trained technicians, supported by a global network of maintenance experts, the sole goal to reduce service calls and keep your equipment running in prime condition.

Our aim is to always exceed customer expectations by delivering maximum reliability, fewer service calls and exceptional customer satisfaction.

With IECO service and repair, we’re here to get you there.